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Torque Limiters and Sheargard Overload Clutches
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Torque Limiters & Couplings torque limiters & couplings
The Morse Torque Limiter is a protective device that LIMITS TORQUE transmitted in a drive system by slipping when the torque demand exceed a preset value as a result of shock loads, overloads, or machine jams. It automatically re-engages when the overload torque has passed; no re-setting is required. It prevents machine damage and eliminates costly breakdown time.
The Torque Limiter utilises spring loaded friction surfaces for its operation; slip torque is preset by adjustment of the spring force. The Torque Limiter can be used with a sprocket, gear, sheave or flange as the centre member clamped between two friction facings. Offered complete with a range of specially machined platewheels and shaft to shaft couplings, with torque range 3 - 8540 Nm.
Simple Design . Easy Adjustment. Wide Torque Adjustment. Compact . Minimum Maintenance. Economical. Dependable. Durable

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sheargard overload clutches & couplings

Sheargard Overload Clutches & Couplings
The Cross Sheargard Clutch uses the unique Sheargard Wedge Pin to provide overload protection. For synchronous and indexing drives the Sheargard offers optimum low cost protection with ease of maintenance, reliability of torque setting, and long term operational reliability.
Designed to accept Standard Torque Limiter Platewheels and Roller Chain Couplings, the Sheargard is available from stock with an extensive range of preset torque ratings and optional sensor plate to isolate the drive in the event of an overload.
Standard stock Sheargard Clutches are available in 5 sizes providing a torque range from 40 to 10,000 Nm, plus standard units manufactured to order with torque capacity to 125,000 Nm.

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