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Flexible Couplings
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Cross & Morse offers the following types of flexible shaft couplings which can cater for the requirements of most types of drive installation.
Roller Chain Couplings - Type LRC
Low to medium speeds. 2,000 rpm without cover. (5,000 rpm with cover.) High torque capacity. Moderate alignment capabilities. Spun Aluminium covers available.
Use Roller Chain Couplings:-
roller chain couplings LRC
delrin couplings LNC Delrin Couplings - Type LNC
Medium to high speed 100-5,000 rpm range. Moderate misalignment capability. Corrosion proof Delrin chain, no lubrication requirements. Use Delrin couplings:-
  • For food processing, textile and other machinery to avoid use of oil or grease

  • Where corrosion is normally a problem from atmospheric conditions

  • For the safety feature of the smooth outer surface without a cover

  • For centrifugal pumps and steady load applications

    Delrin Chain Couplings - Type LNC PDF Catalogue

'L'Series - Jaw Couplings with spider inserts
Medium to high speed. Up to 31,000 rpm. Low cost coupling. Four different insert materials offer selection versatility. Interchangeable with industry Std.
Use Type L Couplings:-
jaw couplings
elastomeric couplings KE Elastomeric Couplings - Type KE - with spider inserts
Low to medium speed, 7,700 rpm maximum speed. Able to absorb shock loads and accommodate moderate misalignment. Use Type KE Couplings:-
  • For oily and dirty environments
  • To transmit high torque levels
  • For quick, easy assembly with taper bushes
  • Ease of shaft alignment

    KE Couplings PDF Catalogue

Elastomeric Couplings - Type GE - with spider inserts
Medium to high speed, up to 14,000 rpm. Good misalignment capabilities combined ability to absorb shock. Suitable for most industrial environments. Use Type GE Couplings:-
elastomeric couplings GE
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